Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

Media Consumers Have More Choices Than Fewer

By Paula Jung

In the twenty-first century, there are a myriad of options in terms of media options. There are hundreds, even thousands of television channels and seemingly a channel of any specific interest or hobby one could imagine. However many of these channels are owned by a few, large corporations, so do the consumers have more choices, or actually less choices? In my personal opinion, I believe that the consumers do have more options instead of having fewer. Though it could be true that these corporations could be controlling and pre-approving of what kind of material television shows could be airing, I believe that the audience has more power to decide what ends up showing on the television screen. An example showing this could be the fact that, for many popular shows currently such as Community, Parks and Recreation, and Adventure Time, many times the plot of these shows sometimes are determined because of how fans online openly discuss of how they would like to see these television shows unfold. Many a times, the writers and directors actually respond and listen to fans.

For this reason, I believe that the audience actually controls the media because they have the power to decide whether they want to watch a specific kind of show and not the other. Another supporting example is the popular television series, The Flash, which features the DC Comics Superhero who has the ability to run at lightning speed and uses his power to help save people in his hometown city, Central City. The show is owned by DC Comics which is notably owned by Warner Bros. Although the show is under a large corporation, if it were not for the avid fan base, the show would not be as popular as it is and vice versa, if the show did not comply to the superhero fans’ expectations to be meticulous and careful to match the original Flash comic series, the fans would revolt against the show causing others to avoid the television series. So although a handful of large corporations own most of the media, I personally believe that the audience are ultimately the ones who hold the most power in determining what is on television, and what kinds of shows are out there.



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