Week 3: Books or Magazines – Blog 3

By Desmond Schurr

Online magazine

Magazine Name: Pix O’ Box

My magazine would but an online reader with interchangeable panels to read information, see a picture that interests you? Want to know more about its background/story? Click the picture and discover a new switch-able panel with displayed information for the readers disposal. Our readers would generally be a more mature audience, seeing as it is an online magazine there is always potential content on the internet not suitable for young minds, there would be “no strings attached” uncensored feed of important information that has been approved by our magazine online editors.Compared to other online readers, our magazine would be a quick and simple process, no username and password required, donations are accepted but we would be a non-profit organization with a simple email to subscribe process. Have any information that you feel passionate about and want to share? We would gladly review your request and there would be a good chance it would be displayed on our site! Giving our subscribers a chance to collaborate and give opinions is one why we plan on keeping our readers active and interested. Advertisers such as Discovery, BBC News, GlobalPost, EuroNews, and CNN, all due to the fact that we would be posting news on a global perspective that has encounters with the United States. In our premier issue articles we would likely be using are, military encounters within under developed nations, U.S. tax dollars dilemma, debt with neighboring countries, social security depletion, Chinese ownership of land within states, and many factors that involve global affiliations with U.S. productions. All we would have is major headlines for the content and multiple pictures that are able to show discovered content on the certain topic

Online Magazine Picture


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