Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

By: Nick Verbin

I do not think that it is necessary information to list a source as being a female or a minority. I believe that this only perpetuates racism and sexism in our news media. Unless it is necessary or vital to the story, information like this should be left anonymous. If we continue to draw this line between male/female and majority/minority, what will happen is this will lead to further segregation. If we simply pay attention to the content of a message or news source, the focus will be on their words and their opinions.

However, I do believe that there are certain instances where this is acceptable. The times this is acceptable is when it adds more context to the story. For example, if the story is about women or minorities, the addition of a clear source may benefit the story by giving the source credibility or legitimacy. In an article about the oppression of women in America, a source written by a man may not be seen as legitimate as a source from a woman who might actually have first hand experience on what it means to be oppressed in America.


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