Week 4: Newspaper or Audio

The Problem With Misrepresentation

By William Tolentino

Media bias is popular. Newspapers sell stories for money. Ethics and morals be damned. Freedom of expression makes sure such practices continue messing with people’s already skewed view of a reality they think is alive just because they saw pictures and videos of it online. Given how ignorant the majority are and don’t pay much attention despite being manipulated behind the shadows by people with 20th century values, things are going to continue worsening. It’s a sad commentary on the United States how people have taken advantage of the privileges their country offered them. The fact that you can do anything here as long as it doesn’t hurt other people is liberating but unfortunately the quote “a sucker is born every minute” rings so much truth, con men won’t blink twice even if they give you wrong information. People care a lot. The problem is what to care about and sometimes this basic instinct for community and survival not only doesn’t help us be better human beings, sometimes it turns us into outright cartoon super villains just because we can’t let go of beliefs some uncaring monster fed to us before we were old enough to understand morals. This then leads a lot of us into defending things which don’t make sense or things we believe are right because someone told us it is so it must be because we’re not going to admit we got fed fabricated and ultimately, useless knowledge that doesn’t help us or anyone for that matter. Minorities have become the target for a lot of the blame despite no clear evidence as well as the fact that every race, gender, young or old, of any sexual orientation, are all capable of becoming criminals yet the media still loves throwing dirt at women and people of color in particular as if there’s something wrong with being different from the image of a tall suited stud of European descent. The news can improve with a variety of sources from all kinds of people but media all over the country has simplified what’s supposed to be an unbiased, ambiguous source of information into a rage outlet with nothing to say than to scream murder at the wind. If it’s a crime, find a minority. The label has become the go-to excuse for all things people can’t control, but still, things are improving.


About willtolentino92

Storyteller in love with how people overcome various odds no matter what. A testament to human will and ingenuity.

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