Week 4: Newspaper or Audio – Blog 4

By: Whitney Stein

I strongly believe that the news should not identify the sex of the person or race of the person in the story that the news is covering because it re-affirms sexism, racism, and possibly classism. If the consumers wanted to find out more information about the story if it was so important to them, then they can search with the name of the name of the main story (that the news is covering). I don’t think that the news/media should put the information of the person. The quality of the news wouldn’t change in a negative way- it would be much more of a positive way to express the story due to no bias’s. If the main characters in the story that the news is covering do not mind then I think that it is completely fine at that point. But if the news is adding that information about the person’s race, age, or sex to validate maybe what that person did- that’s when I strongly believe it’s wrong and its re-affirming social injustice behavior.

If the sources of the news are of minority backgrounds, different ages, and/or female/male I still do not believe that it would improve the quality of the work produced. Diversity is not just the cover of the book- its deeper than that and this is something that many often misinterpret. Socially I think many of us would like to see more female reporters- such as woman of color, however, that’s not to say it would “improve” the story. It may make an impact on our political and social systems, such as our communities but that wouldn’t necessarily make the news story any better.


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