Week 4: Newspaper or Audio – Blog 4 – Maxwell Egbujor

The world that we live in today has a population that consist of racist, sexist, homophobes and other irrational people. Although not everyone falls under these categories, we still have to take caution to how we approach exposure in the news. When writing articles in the news, I believe while using quotes, that if an individual takes more than the quote of a man/woman to portray whom they are, then you’re not using the quote properly. The person that said the quote matters for what they’ve done, what they’ve said or what they’ve been through and so forth. The weight of the quote should not be multiplied or divided by automatic racial or sexist prejudice. So for the respect of the one’s having their words recited on an article, we should not point out race, gender or sexuality unless it is 100% necessary to the paper/article/message or meaning. I believe that in some situations race will help, but it shouldn’t be pointed out like I said, unless necessary.


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