Week 2: Business Media Impact

Week 2: The Media Business

by Jadhalyn Le


We are all surrounded by media today, are we not? Everywhere we go, it is constantly revolving. We rely on the news in order to gain knowledge about everything current. Our resourcefulness was definitely guided by the media. Behind all of this are the corporations who provides this all for us. An example is Disney, an extremely well known company. They publish books, magazines, broadcast shows, own cable networks, has their own movie studio, and other properties such as theme parks in multiple countries and their cruise line. It is remarkable that Disney started out as little Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1920’s into what it is today. How much does Disney control? They have the hearts of many in their palms since their childhoods and are now breathing in their money. Disney is only one of the few companies there are. All of these companies have started out small during the golden age of the booming media and until now, owns so much and we the people are constantly consuming. I believe that from here on out, we will never head back, but to go forward with everything media has to offer us today. It became a part of our culture and daily lives, whether we like it or not. I tend to lean towards the possibility that we could be easily manipulated because we can’t deny how much we are consuming and whether we want to believe it or not. The pros of this however is that we can think for ourselves with all the options out there in the media and come up with our own conclusions with what is provided.


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