Week 5: Movie or Television

Past and Present Films: Differences Between Today and Yesteryears

William Tolentino

The years 2014 and 2015 had a lot of films but quantity lessened quality and most released and shown across multiplexes, despite rave reviews, didn’t earn studios enough for them to justify making the film in the first place. Netflix has become the go-to caterer of everyone who wants to watch anything simply because the online streaming service has the most recent in-demand TV Shows and Movies under its collection and should’ve been where director Danny Boyle made his biopic of Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender as the mercurial, paradoxical genius behind Apple from its rocky beginnings to his firing and his eventual return. The film however, was overlooked, simply because there were too many artists inspired and fascinated with the man whose tale is being told here that several other filmmakers also made biopics about different aspects of Apple and its head which failed and made audience barf at another assumed quick cash attempt on well trodden ground but thanks to Aaron Sorkin’s razor sharp, rapid fire dialogue, the film was able to capture most of Steve’s personality, including his penchant for getting in people’s faces and saying what he thinks of them without censure as well as his vulnerabilities and shortcomings.

Movies were, decades ago, more experimental as back then, there were no visual effects to take away some of the effort needed to tell a story. Directors used a lot of creative solutions to jump around problems which included using unusual camera shots, perception tricks, clever editing and audience anticipation. An exemplar of these kinds of films and my favorite is Once Upon A Time In The West by Italian director Sergio Leone, whose westerns broke every rule Hollywood had about the genre during that time including but not limited to, making characters neither good or evil but somewhere in between, portraying everything realistically as historically accurate as possible, making characters change and grow and learn, and, just to let everyone know he was iconoclastic, gave the villain role to a leading actor who plays western heroes in earlier western films.


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