Week 5: Movie or Television Blog 5

By Whitney Stein

I usually do not watch movies so my library is limited and the amount of movies that I have watched in 2014, 2015 is also limited. Based on watching a couple movies from the two years, I would have to say Interstellar was my favorite. Interstellar took my mind and completely turned it inside out. It challenged my way of thinking about different realms of the universe and it also made me think outside of what I know about the world and  how I see it to this day. Even though it’s a fiction movie, it forced me to think outside the box and those are the kinds of movies that are worth watching. All time favorite movie is probably Girl, Interrupted because of how psychologically challenged it was. It was directed in the 1990’s but continues to make me think about ward houses and mental illness to this day. It’s interesting to say the least.

I saw both movies on DVD at home. One with a friend and Girl, Interrupted I own.




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