Week 5: Movies

Sara Raheem

Out of the many movies I watched in 2015, “Inside Out.” stood out to me. At first I was not intrigued by this movie what so ever and had no intentions of watching it. I was forced to watch this movie when the kids I was babysitting urged me to go with them, leaving me pleasantly surprised. This was a coming of age movie that engulfs the audience in the emotions and hardships the main character experiences. Although Inside Out was an incredible movie, my all time favorite movie is Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is my favorite movie because, similar to Inside Out is an coming of age story. The main character survives a freak accident leaving him questioning the world around him. What is the meaning of life? and how could he make the most of his life. The movie made a profound impression on me, in many ways altering my perspective on life and how it should be lived. Before this movie I had a stagnant perception on how life should be lived. Ordinarily every individual goes to college, gets a job, and ultimately retires. This movie allowed my mind to delve into various different ways I could live my life and enlightened me that the ordinary way does not mean the right way.




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