Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising Blog 6

By: Arbella Yousif

Beautiful People Technique

This online advertisement of Quick Trim diet pills shows that it’s a Beautiful People technique. It used Kim and Khloe Kardashian as the image for it, to show people that these hot girls look this good because of the diet pills, it’s also a testimonial technique because they are testifying that these pills work for them in this image.v This is a great way for advertisement because these are the biggest celebs and are constantly known for their looks, and if they use the product then it’s safe for them to as well.




Exagération Technique

This ad displays an Anti Aging Skincare Brand displaying that their product can improve the appearance of wrinkles in minutes. Which is not true at all, skincare can help with the appearance of wrinkles only in time and not to the extent that this ad shows it false. Even with certain cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can not do what this image says, let alone a serum or cream.



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