Blog 6 — Propaganda in Advertising

By Talia Hudgens

An audit for the Jackson Parish School Board revealed misappropriation of funds from the school’s athletic program and other unauthorized expenses such as athletic event ticket disbursements and un-deposited checks due to lack of supporting documentation. From my 18 years of being a student and 10 years of being impacted by a school’s academic or activities budget, I am realizing how relaxed school’s finance policies are. Money is seemingly spent unnecessarily (e.g. community colleges providing housing for international students rather than lowering tuition for in-state students.)

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One response to “Blog 6 — Propaganda in Advertising”

  1. Talia H. says :

    Hi Professor! This post is actually meant for BLOG 7 instead of 6 (I already did one for 6.) How can I change this? – Talia


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