Blog #6 – Propaganda in Advertising

By Audelynn Ciana Felix

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen this advertisement at least once. It’s the Spy: It’s What You Do commercial from Geico.

This is one of the ads that Geico has put out recently with this theme of ‘it’s what you do’ saying that these this are the most obvious things to do or the most obvious things that happen. The particular ad says that if you’re a mom, you call with the worst timing, and that it’s very typical that you do. In the ad, it shows a stereotypical looking rich white mom calling her son who is a spy that in the middle of a very intense fight. exaggerating the fact that all moms call at inconvenient times. The ad then says that if you want to save on car insurance, the obvious choice is to switch to their company, it’s what you do. That’s the obvious choice for you.

Geico has also had this slogan of ‘Save fifteen percent or more on car insurance when you switch to Geico’ for quite some time and they continue to use it even now.


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