Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

Diet Pepsi Advertisement

By Jacqueline Contreras

In an advertisement promoting diet pepsi, two main propaganda techniques can easily be identified. The advertisement features Sofia Vergara, a well known Columbian actress, drinking the soda. Vergara is wearing red lipstick and what appears to be a blue dress, it’s clear that the technique “beautiful people” is used. This specific technique uses celebrities to persuade others to buy a certain product. The second technique is the use of euphemism. Vergara is drinking out of a can that appears different than the traditional pepsi can. The can is tall and slender and the ad reads “the new skinny can”. Because this ad is promoting diet soda and the can was shaped to be ¬†“skinny”, one can assume that the add is suggesting that those who drink diet pepsi will become thin as well.



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