Week 7 : Propaganda in Advertising – Blog 6

Written by Masayuki Furushima

–  Appeal to authority ; Trump Steaks

This advertisement is that Donald Trump is promoting his brand of steaks saying they are the best in the world. People will believe the steaks are good as they believe someone successful eats them. Donald Trump tries showing this when describing the average American family. It is used to give voters the sense that they can relate with the politican. The politician is trying to show he is just like the voters and understands their endevours. This technique is used to promote the masses to follow a caus if they believe the leader understands their problems.



–  Celebrity (Beautiful People) ; SIXPAD

This ad shows promoting your muscles used Cristiano Ronaldo. He has great body, especially in an abdominal muscle. This new commercial for the electrical device that just gets slapped onto your abs, arms, thighs or wherever feels right, Ronaldo lets the Sixpad flap his muscles around for all of YouTube to see. Pretty bold—even if you look like Ronaldo.(http://www.maxim.com/gear/can-new-tech-device-give-you-cristiano-ronaldos-body)


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