Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

Propaganda Today

William Tolentino

Images are easy to manipulate. There are lots of technique to enhance and deceive the audience without them knowing. This is propaganda and in order fight, one must know about some of the methods used in making it so persuasive so we won’t be as affected.

One technique is Intentional Vagueness, a technique which uses words and images where nothing makes sense and is up to the audience to find their own interpretation of the ad much like critics criticizing any art . In the link above, the add shows images and you hear someone talking gibberish but his tone starts out good then becomes great and inspiring but the speaker doesn’t tell you clearly what he’s saying except whatever he said, you should go look for a Jeep and buy one maybe?

Another is Cult of Personality, a technique which uses a heroic public image (in this case, a soldier) to advocate an idea . In the commercial in the link above, if you listen to the speaker’s words, you’ll find he’s stating “I’ve seen things no man should bare.” That might be true but what he says next doesn’t make sense. He talks about facts and why being daring yields something but doesn’t state what that something is until the Jeep logo appears and proclaims Jeep isn’t made by Jeep but is made by us.


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Storyteller in love with how people overcome various odds no matter what. A testament to human will and ingenuity.

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