Week 7:The Beauty in Bandwagons

By: David Carbajal

Everyone knows that the use of beauty in ads and/or propaganda have become a common thing in society nowadays where most big corporations use celebrities and models to suck in the audience they want to purchase. Now, especially when it comes to sports and politics they use a method of bandwagons so that the demographic they are pursuing gets a sudden urge to purchase and support the team or politician that is part of the ad. Lately, though these two types of propaganda have now come together an example I used is the Coca Cola company using a popular sports star LeBron James to be their spokesperson for their Sprite product. This a perfect example of using a polarizing figure in sports also the most popular player basketball then using him as one of the most handsome men to sale their product but, isn’t that the way the cookie crumbles nowadays. Now, I believe that the use of this technique will be used more where big corporations will use the most popular and beautiful people from the world of sports to sale their product such athletes like Steph Curry, Rhonda Rousey and J.J. Watt popular and polarizing athletes they will  be seen more that is a promise.


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