Blog 7: Media Law Elonis v United States

By: Pho Le

Mr.Elonis is taking advantage of the 1st Amendment, which freedom of speech, so he directed brutally violent language against his estranged wife.
The lyrics Elonis posted as “Tone Dougie” included graphically violent language and imagery
Elonis was holding a toy knife against his co-worker’s neck, and in the caption Elonis wrote, “I wish.”
He used lots of swear words in his rap song.
He brought out his wife privacy.

I feel like 1st amendment should have more limit to it or else people would take advantage to it and consider it as a way to their freedom of speech.
Sometimes, the freedom of speech is violating other people freedom of privacy . In a case of Elonis, I think not just him but some people are using swear word in their music should be banned from internet because there are going to have more people follow the same kind of music which have swear word in it. It’s not good for children to learn and to hear about.


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