Blog 7:The Blurred Lines

By: c

In 2015, a case between the Marvin Gaye estate and the song Blurred Lines performed by Robin Thicke was brought to the court on the count of copyright infringement when it came to the beat used in the song. A jury awarded the Marvin Gaye estate nearly $7.4 million dollars after hearing from both sides Mr. Gaye’s daughter Nona Gaye spoke to reporters after saying “Right now, I feel free.” she is speaking about not being controlled by artist Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams and as she says lies that they spoke during the trial. The attorney for Thicke and Williams says that this can have a horrible effect on the music industry when it comes to sampling past songs from great idols like Marvin Gaye because their families could sue these artists for copyright infringement. This will always be an issue coming up no matter what so the only thing artists can do is make sure they get consent to use the songs from the estates.


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