Week 7: Propaganda in Advertising

Be Beautiful and Responsible by Buying This Hyundai Genesis

By Paula Jung

In an advertisement by Hyundai car company shown during the Super Bowl game this year, the advertisement uses several propaganda techniques to help promote it’s product, which in this case is their new Hyundai Genesis with added “Car Finder” feature. Two propaganda techniques that they use are Beautiful People and Slogan. The technique beautiful people uses the technique of adding famous people, or attractive and happy looking people in their advertisements, and the main point of this technique is to convince the audience that if they purchase a product, it will make them just as happy and attractive, or as successful and famous as the person in the ad. In this Hyundai commercial below, they use famous comedian Kevin Hart to show that if you buy a Hyundai Genesis, you will be as “cool” and successful as this new up and coming celebrity. Another technique used in this commercial is slogan, which is a technique in which a phrase is applied and repeated many times with a product, usually to appeal to an audience’s emotions and/or to help support “reasoned ideas” as wikipedia points out, to help make a commercial seem more logical. The slogan used in the Hyundai ad at the end of the commercial is “Because a dad’s gotta do, what a dad’s gotta do.” This slogan helps to appeal to people’s emotion of being responsible and ultimately happy, which makes the audience want to buy the Hyundai Genesis. The slogan also appeals as a reasoned idea to the audience, saying that the Hyundai Genesis car is reasonable and even necessary to have, to be a responsible kind of person.


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