Week 9: Internet – Blog 8

Week 9: Internet

Internet Usage

by Talia Hudgens

I use the Internet mainly for shopping but I wouldn’t say that I have developed an addiction to it. Most of the time, I am just “page browsing” – which is a term that I have coined to describe the act of browsing through different clothing sections on the website and adding the items to your cart, but not actually buying them. After “page-browsing” for the day, I don’t revisit the website until a day or week later because I want to see if any updates to the items have been made (i.e. discounts). If not, I let them go and if so, I still probably don’t buy it because I’m so stingy. That is how I avoided an online shopping addiction. Another way I curb my shopping addiction is by avoiding easy-pay websites like for instance, Amazon with their new ‘1-click checkout button’. I get excited and “page-browse” again only this time, I have an intention of buying something. I then click “1-click checkout”, but when the order begins to process, my card immediately declines because I put an ’empty card’ on the account which I always forget about when I shop on Amazon.






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