Blog 8: The Real SmackDown

By David Carbajal

I have personally used the internet for all types of things including online shopping, I use it mostly to shop on the WWE Shop online where I can get the latest deals on all wrestling merchandise. I started shopping on this website last year when the WWE had their version of the Super Bowl called WrestleMania at Levis Stadium I had to get all my merchandise for the big show and it hit my wallet hard by spending in total for the long weekend of about $4,500 dollars. It really became an addiction I felt like if I didn’t have the latest gear than I wouldn’t be a true fan of the WWE. It took actually a few months to stop myself from buying their merchandise every two weeks because that’s when I got paid so it made the most sense. It affected my spending habits instead of saving my money to help my family, I always seem to spend it on WWE merchandise and it impacted my accounts and everything. I just stayed away from the website and unsubscribe myself to their e-mails and just went off the grid with them. Online shopping is addicting the best thing to fight it is to having a spending amount for all the bare necessities for your everyday life.


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