Week 9: Internet – Blog 8

Peter Ngo

I have mostly used the internet for online gaming and once in a while to buy something that I can’t get in store thought amazon or eBay. One of my cousin is actually addicted to the internet to the point where he care more about his game on the computer then eating dinner and has to be reminded countless time by his mom to go eat dinner before he actually does. His parent control the amount of hour he can be on the internet during school day but during the holiday when he is free from his parent control, he play up to 12 or more hour and get like only 5 hour of sleep. He is still addicted to the internet and has been 7 year for a long time starting from elementary school. I would say he is not that harm by being addicted to the internet because he is only using them to play game and has his parent to control how he used the internet.


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