Week 9: Internet

The Power of Internet Shopping

By Sergio Cano

I know lots of people who never go out to malls anymore ever since they have been exposed to online shopping. It was my cousin who was affected by the online shopping. She always loved shopping and being able to spend money on clothes that she liked. But it was since then that she stayed inside her home now when it came down to shopping. She is now receiving e-mails on discounts and specials, and this just gives her the urge to go on the Internet and shop from there. She said it was much easier because they laid out everything you would have to find in a store. If it didn’t fit her or if she didn’t like the way it looked in person she could easily return it by just mailing it back and shooting a e-mail to the producer. She found a way to save gas and time, yes, but this addiction leads to laziness. One way she stop this addiction is to maybe come to a sense that it just takes too long for her orders to be shipped to her home.


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