Week 9: The Internet

By: Tony Phan

I use online shopping as a tool for convenience, not as a hobby as some people do. I actually prefer to buy things in store because I can see first hand what it is like. Especially with clothing, I return almost half the clothing I buy online because I never seem to order the right size, or the color seems to be a little different than what was online. I personally do not know anyone who is addicted to online things such as shopping or dating, but I do believe that it could be crippling for some people. Like anything else, internet addiction is a real thing. In this case it is a psychological addiction and not a physical one. I have seen an article where a couple forgot to feed their child because they were too addicted to online video games. I believe that spending too much time online poses a threat to our mental well being. Humans are social creatures that are meant to interact with one another, not with a screen all the time.



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