Blog 9 : Media Ethics

By: Pho Le

Nowadays , when we are living in a society which technology is the key for every major. Besides, with the improvement of technology, media is also updated. If formerly, media was limited by newspaper , magazines, radio… Today we can easily approach informations by internet. However, ,media ethics is an argued problem. In my point of view, journalist is the person who are responsible for media ethics. There are a lot of journalists provide false informations to reader because of their profit. The wrong informations cause turbulences in society. The consequence is unpredictable. Therefore, in my opinion about media ethics, journalists, reporter need to research specific informations and provide completely correct informations to their readers. They can not allure their readers by wrong news. Another side of media ethics, they shouldn’t public the personal informations of anybody to attract audiences without permission. It can be a serious problem to that person.


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