Blog 9: My Views

By: David Carbajal

I personally have a more broaden view of the media when it comes to all types of subjects such as television, music and movies. When it comes to television I have a good understanding about some of the shows I watch and why it gets the criticism from other news outlets such as the hit FOX Show Empire. Empire a hit drama based on a Hip-Hop family gets criticism for being too outspoken and pushing boundaries when it comes to Gay couples, but it is freedom of speech and expression and they have a right to be a show that pushes that boundary that most shows don’t. My biggest impact of media ethics though came from how the media tries to control music, they try to keep artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco and J. Cole commercialized instead of letting them speak the truth of how they see the world from their eyes. Even though, the media tries to contain these artists and many more like them their views still gets out their by social media and the underground circuit. So either way their is always a way to get your message out their no matter what the media tries to say or do to stop you.


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