WEEK 10: media ethics

Blog # 9

Maddy Kelly

Media ethics aim to make what is exposed on media to be fair and just. We have media ethics in the hopes that we will think before we post things online. The means to publish is now in the hands of the citizens, while the internet encourages new forms of journalism that are interactive and immediate. Because we are so free to publish and share things, the concept of what is ethical and unethical to post becomes prominent. I think a lot of things should have filters for children but on the other hand adults need to be able to see what is happening in the world because we deserve to know what is going on. I think it comes down to what you deem ethical and unethical and in the case of children looking at inappropriate things is because parents aren’t keeping a close enough eye on their children. I also think media ethics has to do with promoting untruthful things on media. No one should even think it is okay to put anything but the truth out their, it’s is unethical and unfair.


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