Week 10: Media Ethics

By: Tony Phan

I believe that as a whole, media continues to blur the lines between what is ethical and what is not. Media corporations depend on increasing viewers to turn into bigger profits, and nothing draws people more in than outlandish stuff. As people, we are constantly seeking things that stimulate us, and media content is no different. However, stimulation becomes stagnant when we are too used to something. This is why the media, whatever form it comes in, continues to push the boundary to draw us back in. My view of media is that people and companies want to make money, and they will put out whatever content that does that for them. I believe that if there are no government regulations on mainstream media, mediums such as television would be like the wild wild west. That is a scary thing for some people and especially children who are a lot more prone to absorbing and internalizing what they see than adults.


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