Week 10: Media Ethics – Blog 9

Whitney Stein

The status of ethics in media today is absent. It’s clearly about sex appeal, offensive behavior, obscenity, politics, technology, and celebrities. There’s very little regulation or too much regulation. Let me explain in greater detail. When journalists, news cast anchors, and any other type of form of media want to talk about a certain topic it’s regulated and is usually approved by the channel in which they are broadcasting. If it is not an approved topic or maybe parts of the topic are cut then the journalist must obey and cut the parts of his/her article in order for it to be published. I don’t agree that this is ethical of the media because it is manipulating and holding back certain parts of the story that is being told to the people. There shouldn’t be regulation on the journalists or news anchors- or even web based news, there should be more regulation on the conglomerates.


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