Blog 10: Class Highlights

By : Pho Le

There are 3 of the “Aha!” Moments I had this quarter. They are my research project about plus size model, the entertainment damnaged the news and seven secrets. Plus size model helps me understand that social media has lots of the impact on teenagers. It also helps me to be aware of social media. The entertainment damaged the news is when entertainment is rewriting the event that happened in the past. I never noticed it before that all the movies i watched somewhat true to the event. Especially, seven secrets were the most interesting topic which i had learned ever. Each secret is a truth which i didn’t recognize until i take this class.

After the course, i understanded more about media. I realized many realities around me which i had never known before. And the perspective about media also changed. I know the importances of media in nowadays life. It’s a necessary medium to connect with world, bring people closer. However, media also has many negative impact on people, teenagers, society…I used to think that media is a perfect invention of human , but after the course , i need to contemplate about that opinion. Anyway, no one can deny media has a big impact to the development of human society. And in technology time of twenty-first century, media plays an important role in our life.


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