Blog 10: Memories

By: David Carbajal

This quarter, I had a lot of “Aha” moments but my favorite ones was my first day meeting my table mates they helped me out with assignments and had a lot of interesting discussions. One of our best discussions was about FOX news and how biased they are that for some reason all they seem to talk about is lies and propaganda of how great the republican party is. Another moment I found hilarious was our class discussions especially when it came to the subject of News Media and hearing people say they actually think of FOX News as the lead news source and it’s funny because they really have no credibility I believe shows like the Daily and Nightly show have more credibility then FOX News. One of my last memories is just being in that class in general the people in their and hearing everyone’s opinions it just opened up my eyes about how everyone sees the media and the world we live in. I learned about the tactics different media outlets use to gain their audience and also how they target certain demographics when it comes to television, movies and music. My view on the media has always been that it is bias and impartial to the truth so now to have my thoughts confirmed this has me more cautious on what I watch and what are the media’s hidden agendas.


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