Blog 10- My “Aha” moments

By Gabriela Sanches

I had many “Aha!” moments in this class, and each of them surprised me in a different way. The first moment was when I realized about the Spiral of Silence theory (on chapter 2) because it explained me a lot about our society. It also helped me to understand in a better way how media works and how we (audience) can be blind by it. The second moment was when learnt about Joseph Pulitzer life story (chapter 6), and how brilliant he was. I presented this chapter ,and I felt honored by it. I felt really proud for telling to my classmates about the story of someone that I like and appreciate so much. The third “Aha!” moment inspired me for my final project. I found out that 16 percent of all American population considers themselves Hispanics (chapter 9), just like me. This in a certain way, made me more conscious about my ethnicity and myself because it explained that I am not the only that came to this country looking for a better life.In summary, this class was very important to me, and I loved each moment of it.


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Gabi, 18, paulista, prazer !

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