Week 1: Media Autobiography – Blog 1

I have used a majority of the different types of media, and there are some that I use more than than the others. When I was younger, I used to read a lot of books and fashion magazines. I used to have a lot of those pre-teen magazines in middle school and liked looking at the different fashion articles in them. As for movies and television I also used to watch a lot. Though I don’t watch them as often as I used to, now I watch them to bond with friends and family, even before. I like watching with them and we like talking about the different movies and TV shows. My family and I really like game shows, dramas, and documentaries and we like to watch the episodes together. More now, I would say I enjoy being on the internet and keeping up some social media like an account on Tumblr (a micro-blogging site) or a Youtube. I haven’t really made enough original content for either them to be called an active creator but, I plan on making more content for them soon, since I’ve had these accounts for a while. What I have been doing is learning a little bit of coding for the tumblr and tweaking the layout of the pages I run. Maybe spending way too much time doing that. I’ve also been trying to figure out using video and audio editing software to (hopefully) start uploading videos soon.


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