Week 10: Media Ethics

Week 10: Media Ethics

by Jadhalyn Le


Looking at media ethics today, I see many topics regarding appearances and mainstreams. Many times I surf the internet, there are always posts and pictures, mentioning what is okay to like and what isn’t, how to dress and how not to dress, what the definition of attractiveness should be, etc. If I were to compare myself to a “perfect woman” appearance-wise, I am below average. Men at times also follow these laid out rules to what their partner should be like. Not only does it affect women, men have this burden as well. They must be masculine and muscular and tall. These are problems that effect our society as a whole. It heightens standards to unrealistic levels, lowering self-esteem. It doesn’t teach people about what really is important. Media plays such a huge role, it is almost brainwashing. Media nowadays are evolving. Yes, there will still be ads about diet-pills and new make-up products. However, people are becoming more confident in themselves because there are parts of media that expresses this idea that beauty is inside, not out.


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