Week 10: Media Ethics

Freedom and Responsibility: Why Ethics Matters In Journalism

William Tolentino

There’s a consensus reached when facts are too numerous, it becomes undeniable to dispute a conclusion even if it is deemed nigh impossible or, in extreme cases, preposterous. However, people remain confused on what constitutes as a fact and what is considered an opinion, thus making information even more confusing. This is where ethics comes in. It separates evidence from lies, truth from fiction.

However, information nowadays, even from experts, can be biased and riddled with one-sided stances, ignoring different sources which reach different conclusions based on evidence and hard proof. Today, it becomes a lot more important to find reliable and trusted sources everyone can agree upon to establish a point. The practice of ethics is the one thing which distinguishes professionals from amateurs. It’s why people flock to watch news anchors especially those who back up their claims with lots of research like John Oliver or John Stewart. “There is no such thing as mediocre work” says Ayn Rand. “Only lazy people who don’t care doing it.”


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