Week 10: Media Ethics – Blog 9

By Nick Verbin

I think that ethics in today’s media are essentially gone. It seems as if ethics have been abandoned in place of money and generating revenue and ratings instead. Especially when it comes to the television and news stations, media is run like a business because, in all honesty, it is. Private corporations own and profit from the news and how many people watch it, which simply gives them less reason to report facts and more reason to report news that is/will be considered popular by the masses that consume their news.

In particular, stations such as Fox News are responsible for this change of media ethics. Instead of reporting news, facts, and using actual journalism techniques to report the news, they instead use hate speech and entertaining but not credible sources or honest language. Reporting news that is honest may not be popular with the millions of people that watch it, and it does not generate revenue. News station owners are greedy enough to put their own profits and benefits in front of what truly matters: educating the public on what issues are important and will affect the world in which we live.


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