Week 11: Class Highlights

Sara Raheem

During the course of this quarter, I have learned more than I could ever imagine. I thought I would learn about how media is corrupt, and things I was already well aware of. Even though I had good expectations for this class, I did not realize that it would educate me the way it did. My highlights throughout this class were definitely some of the discussions and all the knowledge I gained. I learned about how important Media Literacy is, and how Media can be a powerful tool used for good or bad reasons. Not only did we fixate on media, but we also uncovered racial and sexual disparities and also various other issues. A moment that stuck with me was learning about dangerous and tasking Journalism is. Some people in different parts of the world risk their lives, while being in the midst of gun fire. But what truly made this class so pleasant was our professor! The way of teaching is unlike any other professor I’ve had before and made the learning process fun. Helping me internalize more of the information and  zeal to learn more. Overall, this class was an extremely pleasant experience and hope to have a class like this in the near future.


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