Week 11: Class Highlights

Peter Ngo

One of the “aha” moment was learning about the 7 secret that the media did not want us to know about and it was enlightening to know what they are trying to hide from us. The second one would be that most of the media like radio or magazines are owned by a a few big corporation. I also went “aha” when I learn that Hollywood did not make the most movie in the world but Bollywood in India made the most movie instead. JOUR 2 was a fun class to take and I learn quite a bit about the media from it. I view fox news in a different way now as instead of giving  us news fox gave us their opinion on the subject instead. I also did not know about media law like people can be sued for libel and for false advertisement. My view of the first amendment change only a little bit as the government have clearly in the past have restricted our freedom of speech but I already knew that the government have violated our right without us even knowing it.


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