Week 11: Class Highlights

1st AHA: How the Internet has become a use and weapon for everyone to cheat, threaten people, and has became apart of the human world.

2nd AHA: How the media especially news media can make us believe their very own bias opinion, and its funny how some of their audience count on these news channels to give out their information on the world.

3rd AHA: I was surprised of how many journalists risk their lives to get a awesome valid story even if it meant they will end up severely injured or even dead. It shows me how passionate they are about their tasks.

This class really changed the way I see the media. It made me criticize before I actually believed in their opinions. The media is bias and often changes stories around to make them more entertaining. They also censor information so that they won’t have to expose it to the public. They are always going to be like this and it is a fact that I will never believe the media until research is done.


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