Week 11: Class Highlights

By: Tony Phan

An ‘aha!’ moment which I have learned through reading was the fact that the majority of media is owned by a very small number of corporations. I have always heard about that through social media and conspiracy theories and I have also had a hunch myself. But seeing it in the book justified it, and knowing just how many do own the majority of media is shocking. Another ‘aha!’ moment came from watching the documentary about the FOX channel. A lot of things on there validated what I felt, but I do feel like they did not give FOX channel a fair representation and they tried to villain-ize them. The last ‘aha!’ moment I had was learning that the father of radio lived in San Jose. It nice to see our city put in the spotlight since we are a pretty boring city even though we’re the 10nth largest city in the nation.

I do not think this class changed the way I view media, but it definitely changed the way I consume media. If anything, this class reinforced my views on media. This class has taught me to be even more critical of the world we live in and never take anything for face value.


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