Week 11: Class Highlights

Week 11: Class Highlights

by Jadhalyn Le


  1. I was glad we learned about outwards appearances, such as an attractive woman, and how it is used in media, whether it was to advertise a product or to simply get people on to one side rather than the next opponents. Also, having the fact that more white people are on media than colored are brought even more into the light.
  2. I was surprised about how far back the internet went. I have always thought that it came to existence in the 90s when it was actually born in the 60s. Just gives me the theory that the things we barely use today can have such great impact a few decades later.
  3. We were shown clips of how violent journalists’ jobs could be. They are always trying to cover things that the public deserve to know about, usually resulting in dangerous conflicts, and at times, journalists’ lives.

I thought I knew a great deal about media. This class expanded my knowledge regarding media and I dived a lot deeper into the aspects of it. The First Amendment is such an incredible privilege in our country. At times, it is taken away from us, yet the law protects us here. I can just appreciate it so much more as time went by, learning about communications in our class.


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