Week 11: Class Highlights

Lessons Behind The Screen: What I Learned From Practicing Journalism

William Tolentino

I learned how media is both a positive tool and a negative tool depending on how people use it. Fox News creates fear and paranoia while Al Jazeera gives us another side to the story of people being labeled as enemies.

I learned how new media is always scary. People don’t adopt quickly but ease into new things until they get used to it much like the internet which didn’t explode up until a decade ago despite being decades older.

I learned that there is no such thing as mainstream media. Popularity is based on popular views, not quality and thus the continued viewing of conveniently biased shows (revealing that most people are ignorant) such as offensive sitcom Two Broke Girls which doesn’t have any redeeming qualities unlike satirical comedy shows such as South Park and The Boondocks.

My media literacy was close to non-existent before I signed up for a class in Journalism. I used to think everything was just make-believe entertainment being fed across the airwaves to distract people. I found it also allows people to express themselves for better or worse and can be the source of important lessons and information which can affect our lives in a lot of ways both physical and mental. I understand now, more than I did before, the importance of being heard and why the only way to stop people from spreading false information is to tell the truth by giving it supporting evidence and showing a better conclusion not founded on hearsay only. Despite information being ambiguous, it is still better to have said something than be silent especially if you have enough evidence to argue your claim. Here is a video about uncertainty.


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Storyteller in love with how people overcome various odds no matter what. A testament to human will and ingenuity.

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