Week 11: Class Highlights

My personal “Aha!” moment.

Michelle Miramon

  1.  Realizing that my Intro to CA Law class was useful to present Chapter 13: Media Law.  It was interesting to find that my law class would intertwine with my journalism class.  I was able to use the terminology that was taught in my law class to better explain chapter 13.  I had a huge moment when going over this chapter because I was able to learn about the Watergate Scandal, which is a movie that I plan on watching in the near future.
  2. The Seven Secrets of media was a big moment because I am able to apply it to whatever new media is created.  It was interesting to learn about the seven secrets because it can be applied to everything and anything.
  3. Papyrus, enough said.  I have always been a big fan of a store called Papyrus because they sold different kinds of papers and stationaries and I enjoy being creative when it comes to writing letters.  I never put too much thought into why the store was called Papyrus until I learned what it was.Taking this journalism has greatly affected my level of media literacy.  I definitely view media in a different way because this class has taught me to be more aware of where I receive my news.  The Bill of Rights has impacted my understanding because I was able to learn that the government passed the Sedition and Libel Act only a few years after the Bill of Rights was ratified, which also ties back to the Seven Secrets of media.

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