Week 11: Class Highlights

Week 11: Class Highlights

Journalism 2016

By Jacqueline Contreras

My three “aha”moments throughout this quarter have to do with diversity in the media, books, and newspapers. Prior to researching and reading about diversity in the media, I was unaware that lack of diversity extended into newsrooms, specifically within news anchors on TV. This topic of concern has helped me better understand it’s other underlying issues in our media. When reading the chapter that covered books, I was able to understand the long process that goes into writing and publishing books. As for newspapers, I got a better understanding for what is considered to be moral in today’s current time. There were examples where journalists went undercover to investigate certain places or people in order to write a story on it. I had always wondered if journalist still do that today, what I discovered was that these actions go against morals and honesty policies in this field of work. This class has affected my level of media literacy in that I am more aware of what I see is delivered by the media. I am aware of the dimensions involved in media literacy and have found myself trying to pinpoint which dimensions are being used. Since taking this course, I now view the media in a different way. I was oblivious to the fact that so many big corporations own news outlets, giving them the power to choose what news stories be covered and which stories stay hidden from the public eye. This has also broadened my understanding of media messages as well. I am more aware that that the media–extending through different outlets and sources–have a certain agenda to deliver, and that will ultimately affect what messages they will deliver to their audiences.


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