Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

Whitney Stein

The first “Aha!” moment I had was when I found out that there is no such thing as mainstream media. I grew up thinking that there was mainstream media and that it does affect a large number of people. Another “Aha! moment I had was during a presentation. The fact that there is not much diversity in the newsroom. The fact that 93% of reporters are white. This is detrimental to the audience members and to the news room its self. Hopefully in the future there will be diversity in the news room but with diverse news being reported and not necessarily filtered prior to being reported.

The most impactful “Aha!” moment was about who controls the media. Specifically here in America media the conglomerates control much of what is being said/reported or talked about. I always thought it was up to the reporter and researchers to choose what to talk about but instead they are given tasks and assignments. Some are not given a choice on what to report. I also thought that the six aspects of news were important to mention as it is all around society. Timeliness, proximity, prominence, consequence, rarity, and human interests play a role in what is being reported on a local, national, and global level.

Knowing and understanding media literacy has impacted how I think about the media today. Prior to having my three “Aha!” moments I thought that media was equal and free much like the First Amendment but it turns out it’s not so much like the First Amendment. I understand that in this country we have free enterprise so the large corporations that own parts of the media can and have a right to influence but I don’t believe they should be as influential to the point that they take away freedom of speech within their reporters or journalists. Not saying all do, but after understanding how media can be reported, much are limited and that doesn’t seem like the American way.

Now I am careful about what I read when it comes to news. I generally go on the Apple News Application where I have it filtered to what I want to read about versus what I do not want to read based off of interest and news company.




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