Week 11: Class Highlights – Blog 10

By Nick Verbin

This course has helped my understanding of the media immensely. I would consider myself a much more media literate person after taking this course; I feel as if the class did a great job of teaching me where media comes from, how it is run from the inside, and what corporations own which forms of media. These all tie into how we as a society consume, dictate, and are educated on news.

I view media in the same way that I did before, but in a more refined and educated way. I’ve always known that the media is not an industry based on trust and honesty, but I think I learned much more about how finances truly dictate the way news is given to the public. Advertising, especially, plays an enormous role in the financial aspect of news and entertainment media. Their large and essential investments make them a vital role in what news is or is not reported to the public.

I also believe that I respect my own first amendment rights more than I did before. Learning about the unethical practices that take place in the media helped me truly understand why its important to exercise your free speech right as an American citizen.


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