Week 11 – Final Blog – Blog 10

Aha Moments

  1. Left my Notebook at home! – One time, right before I walked in the door to the class, I had realized I left my notebook with my notecards ready to turn in at home. So I instantly turned around and drove home (20miles) for the points, because every point counts.
  2. Got called to do a presentation – One of the biggest Aha moments I had was when you called my name to do the presentation on Advertising voluntarily, and everyone in the world knew I wasn’t feeling it.
  3.  A sad “Aha” moment is I’ve run out of aha moments. 😦
Journalism 2 enhanced my Media Literacy ten fold. I understand how the system works and what’s real and what’s fake. One of the biggest things I picked up from this class is how the media impacts our society and how sources mean everything. A source is necessary, Period.
Thank you for a great year.

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