Week 9: Internet

Week 9: Internet

by Jadhalyn Le


I use the internet for pretty much everything. I use it to shop, communicate with my circles, to update my blog, games, etc. Ever since my little sister has gotten an iPad into her hands, she spends over 4 hours daily on it whether she was playing on her apps, chatting with her classmates and friends or watching shows for long periods. I have tried to get her up and moving a little more so she doesn’t destroy her eyes, staring at that screen. Nowadays, she limits herself to only two or three episodes of various shows a day and takes breaks more frequently. I believe she still has much to improve, but it;s a good start. It is quite easy to get attached to the internet and I, myself, am quite stuck on my phone. I hope I can get it all together soon before I destroy my eyes too.


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