Week 9: Internet – Blog 8

By Nick Verbin

Myself and most other people I know use the Internet. On the Internet, there’s several different ways someone can get too sucked in and obsessed. I know many people, including myself, who have spent way too much time playing a certain video game or watching too many you tube videos. I also know people who use social media such as Facebook or Twitter far more than they should.

My friend Alec has developed a bit on an online shopping habit. While it is still an ongoing habit, he spends hundreds of dollars on clothes (mostly shoes) that he definitely does not “need” simply because he enjoys them. While I think the habit is a bit excessive, I don’t necessarily see it as a “problem”. If he enjoys the convenience of using the Internet to acquire something (clothes) that he sees as a hobby or collecting, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing unless it starts to control his life and all of his finances. In fact, I actually think it’s an amazing time to be alive for someone with these interests, because the market for re-selling expensive designer clothing is so large online.


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